Drawing made easy

Everybody can learn to draw. You too!

It’s much easier if you use methods which use the creative half of your brain.

In this drawing course you learn to look carefully and to draw true-to-life.

You will be highly surprised how well you can draw using these creative techniques.

Alisa        Alisa

Drawings of a student: At the beginning and at the end of the drawing course

In this course you will learn the following 5 basic skills of drawing:

  • Perception of edges – line or contour drawing
  • Perception of spaces – Negative spaces
  • Perception of relationships – perspective and proportion
  • Perception of light and shadows – shading
  • Perception of the gestalt – The whole of the „thingness of the thing“

Here have a look at the picture gallery.

Christine Glgler

Christine Gigler

Minimum age: 14 years

Group size: 6 – 8  participants

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